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Dining out CAN be healthy and fun at the same time, especially if you know what to choose to suit both plate and palate! This is our space for sharing with you some of our favorite dishes from our favorite restaurants in Sydney, Dubai, and other places that we visit around the globe–whether they are health food restos or not, we know what to choose. We will also provide you with some nutritional information (whenever available)!

Dubai: Friday Brunch During Lent

There’s no need to pass the Dubai tradition of Friday brunch if you’re fasting during Lent (or if you’ve decided to go vegan). Actually, we usually find it quite easy to brunch on vegan food, and as a matter of fact, we never get to sample all the options in one brunch! Of course, it’s […]

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Review: Comptoir 102 (Macrobiotic Resto-Dubai)

       Outstanding Macrobiotic and/or organic cuisine isn’t hard to come by in Dubai. As a matter of fact, it has become very mainstream in the past couple of year, and yes–people have naturally come to the realization that better health is definitely associated with better taste when it comes to natural/organic. One of […]

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Review: Flying Sista Fajitas Restaurant (Sydney)

How does a fun night out and a wonderful selenium-potassium ++ meal sound like? There are times where you feel like you need to spice up your day so just head towards Glebe Point Road and allow the fairies of “Flying Sista Fajitas” to work their magic on your tasting buds … while making healthy […]

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