Review: Flying Sista Fajitas Restaurant (Sydney)

IMG_5848How does a fun night out and a wonderful selenium-potassium ++ meal sound like? There are times where you feel like you need to spice up your day so just head towards Glebe Point Road and allow the fairies of “Flying Sista Fajitas” to work their magic on your tasting buds … while making healthy choices! As soon as you step inside, its intimate ambience captures you while its cultural surroundings with its colorful walls takes you to Mexico’s authentic colonial homes… While my husband and I were admiring the coziness of this place, the loud rumbling and grumbling sounds emitted by our hungry stomachs distracted us so we brought back our attention to the menu! We started with freshly homemade corn totopos and guacamole dip complemented with a “Coconut and Lychee” margarita from the selected 9 AUD “Margarita Monday” options. The guacamole dip was nicey herbed up  with a slight spicy flavor. The margarita was the perfect match to add another taste dimension to this as it washed down the delicious avocado flavor only to rush in the bursting flavor of frozen coconut and lychee bringing out a nice refreshing taste!


For our main course we chose the “The Sistas Double Fajitas” where you can choose any two menu fillings (and it was pretty enough for both of us). We narrowed down the choice to King Prawns and Snapper Fillets.  While it took a while to bring in our fajitas, the aromas of burning charcoal and the mélange of spices on the sizzling cast iron tray was all worth it! The meal included a warmer with 9 tortillas and a side tray of fillings: Salad, guacamole,  pineapples, mild hot sauce, jalapenos, Mexican rice, and black beans. The snapper fillet and prawns were delightfully intense in flavor especially with the sizzling onions and bell peppers that further accentuated the meal’s piquancy! They were crispy charred from the outside while  succulent and cooked to perfection all the way through from the inside! As you roll your tortilla with all those delicious fillings, you cannot help but say “Perfecto”!!

If this was not enough to spice up your dining experience, we highly recommend checking out the “Wall of Pain” where you will encounter a cabinet with some of the world’s spiciest hot sauce selections with words such as ..ummm..Sudden Death, hell, and burning!!! Any dare devils??







Restaurant Information:

65 Glebe Point Road

Glebe 2037

02 9552 6522


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