Review: Comptoir 102 (Macrobiotic Resto-Dubai)


       Outstanding Macrobiotic and/or organic cuisine isn’t hard to come by in Dubai. As a matter of fact, it has become very mainstream in the past couple of year, and yes–people have naturally come to the realization that better health is definitely associated with better taste when it comes to natural/organic. One of the recent organic newcomer restos that we have come across in Dubai is Comptoir 102, which boasts a very special menu containing many no-sugar, no wheat, and no dairy selections. The food itself is based on traditional dietary values and prepared by a nutrition expert, who makes sure that everything on your plate is perfectly weighed and portioned. The menu itself is not extensive; however, we were told that it changes on a daily basis.

       The moment you step in, you realize that you are in a place that knows exactly what to serve, and how to serve it–with style. Perhaps that is partly due to the fact that part of the cafe is dedicated to a stylish French furniture/home accessories shop, which adds to the flair of the ambience (not to mention the French music and conversations scattered around the resto tables, which gave it an elegant “Parisian” feel). Expect to dine on dainty dishes that do not compromise neither taste nor quality.

       We tried the warm almond milk and cardamom drink, sweetened with amazake (fermented brown rice) rather than sugar. It was a very uplifting “introduction” to our breakfast, with the gentle spiciness of cardamom making its way through the whispering steamy vapors of the concoction. Vegan, sweet, naturally sugar-free, caffeine-free, and light, you cannot but love it. Absolutely delicious.


       Since we were there for breakfast, we decided to opt for the buckwheat (naturally gluten-free) pancakes, which comes alongside a scoop of guacamole and a vegetable omelette. Vibrantly colorful and super-delectable, that really hit the spot. Our minds have been made, the food is as chic as the restaurant interiors, and we were just so smitten with our newly-discovered hidden gem. And I say hidden because of its absolutely discrete location (in front of the Beach Center, but you can easily mistake it for a tucked-in Jumeirah villa).


Our little one also enjoyed her food very much, having had her scrambled egg along with some heavenly sourdough and bread (which we had to sample with her, of course!) that lighted up our tastebuds with some nigella seeds (black sesame/ onion seeds). And for coffee lovers: although I don’t drink coffee, my husband dubbed it as one of the best and freshest one he’s ever had!



comptoir 102


Moreover, we found it very funny that the chalkboard was featuring information about zucchini! I guess that was a sign 🙂

102 Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

04 385 4555

comptoir map


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