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Low-Fat Salmon Quiche

As food critic Michael Pollan claims, “all of us carry around rules of thumb about eating”, but I guess many different rules of thumb somehow converge when it comes to the breakfast table–where all health foodies agree on this meal’s importance. The importance of having a protein-packed breakfast cannot be emphasized enough. And although the term “protein” always has gotten […]

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Pescetarian Dream: Salmon and Egg White Breakfast Burger

  Yep, even healthy eaters can enjoy burgers for breakfast–But of course, I don’t mean the artery-clogging piece of grease sandwiched between 2 slabs of even more grease. A good breakfast burger certainly does not need all that extra trans fat to become edible. This salmon and egg white burger naturally contains all the good Omega 3 fats and proteins […]

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Spicy Zucchini-Spinach Omelette (“Shakshouka” Style)

    So it’s a weekend morning, you wake up at your leisure, and you look for something to pair that glass of OJ with. You’re specifically looking for something healthy, delicious, and filling. How about a “Shakshouka”? In the Middle East, this has always been a big hit, especially for those who like a […]

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