Sweet ‘n Salmon Millefeuille

This is one of my favorite sweet ‘n savory fancy foods!

Beyond Zucchini


A dainty and enticing appetizer (or main, if you wish), this savory millefeuille features a unique combination of sweet and smoky—the sweetness coming from the apricot jam, blending into the light creamy cheese and pairing up with the oak-smoked salmon. The toasted pastry also makes a delightful crunchy start to any meal, and the peaty yet tangy undertones of the filling are a great accompaniment with a chardonnay. It makes a great appearance with canapés and other hors d’oeuvres.

I got inspired into making this millefeuille on one seafood night buffet at Pergolas, Al Murooj Rotana. I took a look at it, and one toothsome bite later, I decided that I was copycat-ing this little darling. It was literally something to take home.


On the plus side and from a nutritional perspective, as you can see in the nutrition fact labeling below, it is rich with a wide array…

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