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Vegan Pumpkin-Bulgur Kibbeh

Pumpkin Kibbe (vegan) A word about kibbeh—it is a traditional middle eastern dish made of bulgur (cracked wheat) with onions, spices, and some mash-able ingredient (usually meat). However, there are many vegan (albeit less known) vegetable-based versions of kibbeh available, usually made in the homes of villagers during lent. In other words, you’d scarcely walk […]

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Vanilla-Orange Cake (Vegan)

No eggs, milk, butter, or refined sugar. It’s not that I have anything against eggs in a cake (organic eggs are a great source of vitamin D and other minerals), but I made this cake a couple of days ago as a Mothers’ Day treat, and Mothers’ Day happens to fall during lent this year […]

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