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Lentil Loaf (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

This must be one of the best savory vegan creations in the kitchen–a crispy surface hidingĀ a soft, chewy texture within amidst a herbaceous, nutty steam. One bite and you know that with the nutritional benefits equaling the taste in greatness, it must be too good to be true. But it’s a real deal! And what’s […]

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Vegan Lentil ‘Risotto’

Who says vegans don’t get to sample a glorious risotto every once in a while? There’s nothing like a grabbing, savory aroma and a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth forkful of goodness. This is my own adaptation of a traditional “mjadara” recipe (lentils with rice). This one contains red lentils instead of brown (for the “creamy” effect), a […]

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Lentil-Potato Stew

“Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and lentil stew.” (Genesis 24:34) So as you might have guessed from the Biblical verse above, the Old Testament suggests that the origins of this dish in the Mediterranean/Levantine region may be traced thousands of years back! Like most lentil-based foods (or mjadra, as we call them), I find […]

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