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Vegan Pumpkin-Bulgur Kibbeh

Pumpkin Kibbe (vegan) A word about kibbeh—it is a traditional middle eastern dish made of bulgur (cracked wheat) with onions, spices, and some mash-able ingredient (usually meat). However, there are many vegan (albeit less known) vegetable-based versions of kibbeh available, usually made in the homes of villagers during lent. In other words, you’d scarcely walk […]

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Fish Kibbeh

This is one of our favorite (though not the quickest) ways of preparing fish.  We grew up eating meat kibbeh, which is a very popular authentic Levantine dish mainly consisting of minced meat, crushed bulgur, and some spices. But over 10 years ago, the tradition of Kibbeh had ceased in our household, and were replaced […]

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