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Fish Shawarma (gyro)

Fish gyro/shawarma: This is a most delectable way to prepare fresh tuna fish. Somehow, it is a modified version of beef shawarma, without all the fat of meat. At only 290 calories per sandwich, each gyro is a pocketful of nutrients, packed with cholesterol-fighting niacin, antioxidant selenium, and a 200% daily value of vitamin B12—especially […]

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Macrobiotic Brown Rice Salad (a modified version of Tabbouli)

Brown Rice Salad (a macrobiotic modified version of Tabbouli) This is my absolute favorite salad! I owe the inspiration to a cooking class given by the macrobiotic community  in Lebanon. Putting it on macrobiotic terms, it is the perfect example of a yin/yang unity, for in my opinion,  this is the ultimate east-meets-west dish in […]

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